Lycoris Desktop/LX Build 66 Beta
Posted on: 12/08/2002 11:20 PM

Lycoris has released Build 66 of Lycoris Desktop/LX beta

New in Build 66:
* added eval to AfterSysInitBeforeGUI in SysVinit-scripts
* added default cursor blink on vc's
* rllibs no longer removes /tmp/.rlupdate_cache_100
* new login top for kdm
* new pictures! from youssef ismail - organic light photography
* changed default screensaver to youssef's images
* updated windows icon image
* updated printer defs in foomatic
* added lexar cf reader unusual_dev entry
* added hpijs 1.3
* new booting/rebooting/shutdown messages
* upgraded kbd to 1.06
* upgraded samba to 2.2.7
* rlupdate no longer updates packages with pluses [+] in their name
* rlupdate automatically updates devtools and ppak, if installed
* added kdialog --licensebox, cosmetic fixes to --inputbox
* updated license to show update 3 beta

Only the first CD is necessary for the installation.

Download CD 1 (binary)
Download CD 2 (sources)
Download CD 3 (devtools)

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