Lycoris Desktop/LX Build 53 Beta
Posted on: 10/09/2002 11:11 AM

Lycoris has released Lycoris Desktop/LX Build 53 Beta:

Lycoris Desktop/LX is a familiar, powerful and open alternative to Windows. Put the power back into your hands with this new, affordable operating system.

New in Build 53:
- made logout now restart X
- moved bind-doc to server drpms
- minor rlupdate gui fix
- rlizard -> lyzard
- removed korelib, veepee
- added lt winmodem to lizard modem list
- added alsa driver for via 8233 ac97 controller
- removed i810_rng from probe list
- removed /etc/rc.d/rc.boot~
- fixed RealPlayer w/ mozilla
- gave some space between flower menu and quicklaunch icons in kicker
- added serial device for lt winmodem in lyzard
- really made 3 desktops default now
- added UDMA support for via8233a southbridge ide controllers
- adding or removing usb devices gives audible sound in gui
- fixed an USB storage mount bug

Download CD 1 (Binary)
Download CD 2 (Source)
Download CD 3 (DevTools)

Only the first CD is necessary for the installation of Lycoris Desktop/LX

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