Lycoris Desktop/LX Beta Build 69
Posted on: 03/03/2003 09:37 AM

Saw over at DistroWatch that a new build of Lycoris Desktop/LX Beta is available

A new Lycoris build has quietly appeared on some of the FTP sites that mirror the main Lycoris server. You can get build 69 (beta) here: cd1_en_binary.iso (541MB). Don't be misled by the timestamp on the ISO image (14 February 2003); users who have installed it report that this is indeed a new build. Unfortunately, the web site has been unreachable for most of the week (apparently due to a power failure, see this thread on and no emergency plans have been made to keep the communication channels with the Lycoris community open. As a result, there is no changelog and no place to report bugs -- until the server is brought back into operation.

Only the first CD is necessary for the installation.

Download CD 1 (binary)
Download CD 2 (sources)
Download CD 3 (devtools)

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