Lubuntu 10.04 Review
Posted on: 08/17/2010 09:11 AM

The new look tech blog posted a review on Lubuntu 10.04

Lubuntu 10.04 Review

Reviewing a lightweight and/or minimal Linux Distro is a bit of a challenge for me. I am used to using full featured operating systems that have a lot invested in a few key areas like:

- User Interface – Ease of use, features etc.
Many lightweight distros use minimal interfaces that are light on resources, it is often the interface or Desktop Environment that cause a lot of the “weight” of a distribution. Minimal desktop environments tend to be less mainstream, and also they tend to be light on features.

- Productivity Tools – Picture Management, Office Tools etc.
Gimp does not necessarily belong on a lightweight distribution, nor does OpenOffice. Some distros feature lightweight alternatives to common powertools in these areas, and these lightweight packages are often lacking in the features that are aimed at serious users.

-Eye-candy touches.
Okay, this is less useful, but to me important. My “office” needs to look nice. This is purely a matter of personal taste and preference, some of the most hard-core power users I know (like kdcoetzee) use very minimal desktop environments like Evil that they custom configure to the nines to fit a certain task set.

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