LSR 0.5.2
Posted on: 05/15/2007 09:30 AM

The Linux Screen Reader (LSR) project is an open source effort to develop an extensible assistive technology for the GNOME desktop environment. The goal of the project is to create a reusable development platform for building alternative and supplemental user interfaces in support of people with diverse disabilities.

LSR 0.5.2 is a point release for GNOME 2.19.2.

* What's changed?

* Firefox specification. Details about our planned support for Rich Document Browsing, Accessible Rich Internet Applications, and Web Application Scripting can be found in our LSR Web UI specification working draft at Please send comments to the LSR mailing list (

* Firefox improvements. Scott Haeger has been hard at working implementing many features of the specification already, namely:

* Automatic mode switching. Switches to the most specific reading mode as you navigate. Can be turned off to allow manual switches. Currently supports document mode and widget mode (forms and Web applications). Table modes coming soon.

* Element navigation hotkeys. Visited links, unvisited links, paragraphs, headings, images, forms, form controls, sections, radio buttons, buttons, tables, lists, list items, ARIA landmarks, and many more.

* Container navigation hotkeys. Skip over container. Go to container.

* Navigation by relation. Go to a different kind of element. Go to a similar kind of element.

* Navigation by landmark. Uses new W3C ARIA markup to navigate to main content, secondary content, navigation, search, notes, content info, and so on.

* Document-centric Where am I? Reports current element, read progress through document, etc. For example, "heading level 2, Welcome, 1 of 10 in document. 4 percent of document read."

* Settings. Enable or disable automatic mode changes. Configure whether the point of regard can easily leave containers (e.g. the document). More coming soon. See the spec.

See the Firefox section of the LSR User Guide at
for more details. (Keep in mind what is implemented and noted on the wiki lags slightly behind the spec.)

* Improvements to bookmarks. The bookmark feature has been extended to support any input device (e.g. bookmarks for Braille buttons), comparison of the current point of regard to any bookmarked location, and comparison of any bookmarked location to the root of the foreground window.

* Login. Improvements to handling of the gdm login screen.

* SpeechDispatcher updates to work with version 0.6.2.

* BrlTTY updates to work with forthcoming version 3.8.0.

* Improvements to the search dialog. It's now more responsive, closes and opens more reliably, and so forth.

* Bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes. See for the complete list.


* ar(Djihed Afifi)
* en_GB(David Lodge)
* es(Jorge Gonzalez)
* nb(Kjartan Maraas)
* or(Subhransu Behera)
* pa(A S Alam)
* sv(Daniel Nylander)

* Where can I get more information?

Please visit for more information about the project and to download LSR.

Thanks to all the LSR users, developers, and commentators who contributed to this release including Randy Horwitz, Eddie Cardoshinsky, Scott Haeger, Eitan Isaacson, Luiz Sergio Rocha, George Kraft, Larry Weiss, and Cathy Laws.

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