LSR 0.5.1
Posted on: 04/23/2007 07:56 PM

The Linux Screen Reader (LSR) project is an open source effort to develop an extensible assistive technology for the GNOME desktop environment. The goal of the project is to create a reusable development platform for building alternative and supplemental user interfaces in support of people with diverse disabilities.

LSR 0.5.1 is a point release for GNOME 2.19.1.

* What's changed?

* Search dialog. Searches the foreground window for the user entered text.
* Firefox improvements. Keeping up with changes to Minefield. Full Firefox feature specification started (see
* Bug fixes in the core and existing Perks.


* ar(Djihed Afifi)
* dz(Pema Geyleg)

* Where can I get more information?

Please visit for more information about the project and to download LSR.

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