LIVE CD for Gentoo Linux
Posted on: 08/03/2002 03:45 PM

The Live CD is a CD with lots of software that can be run directly off the CD. An attempt was made to have hardware detected and drivers loaded without any special configuration. The CD allows an easy installation of Gentoo Linux with a comfortable tool set. The binaries on the CDs were build for Pentium CPUs or better. The binaries are therefore not optimized for your system. Portions of the system or the whole system can be rebuild as desired after installing the software on the harddisk. Building a full Gentoo system from scratch can take days. Using the binaries off this CD can save a lot of time and takes the hassle out of installing a Gentoo/Linux system. The CDs contain compressed files using zisofs. There are about 1.5GB worth of files on these CDs and that space will need to be available on the Harddisk for installation. All LiveCDs are based on Gentoo 1.3b.

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