Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD driver 381.09 released
Posted on: 04/07/2017 07:32 AM

NVIDIA has released a new beta driver for Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD

Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD driver 381.09 released

Release highlights since 378.13:
Added support for the following GPUs:
GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
Quadro M520

Restored support for the following GPU:

Improved compatibility with recent kernels.
Fixed a bug that caused "nvidia-settings --query all" to print many duplicate entries.
Fixed a bug that caused applications to crash in some situations when calling glXMakeCurrent while OpenGL threaded optimizations were enabled.

This frequently occurred when Steam was attempting to make a video appear full-screen.
Fixed a bug that caused VDPAU applications to use the blit presentation queue when a previous VDPAU application didn't shut down cleanly.
Fixed hangs and crashes that could occur when an OpenGL context is created while the system is out of available memory.
Fixed a bug that caused corruption when OpenGL windows were moved or resized.
Fixed a bug that caused X screens that use Option "UseDisplayDevice" "none" to be resized to 640x480 when using "xrandr -s" to change the screen configuration.
Fixed a kernel crash that occurred when attempting to map large user memory allocations into CUDA.
Disabled OpenGL threaded optimizations by default, initially enabled in 378.09, due to various reports of instability.
Added support for the following Vulkan extensions:

These extensions require a Vulkan loader version >= 1.0.42.
Removed the X driver's logo splash screen and the corresponding NoLogo and LogoPath xorg.conf options.
Added the "ResamplingMethod" MetaMode option, adding support for bicubic resampling methods when scaling screen transformations are in use. See the README for more details.
Fixed a bug that left HDMI and DisplayPort audio muted after a framebuffer console mode was restored. For some displays, this caused the display to remain blank.
Fixed a bug that caused audio over DisplayPort to stop working when the monitor was unplugged and plugged back in or awoken from DPMS power-saving mode.
Fixed a regression that caused corruption in certain applications, such as window border shadows in Unity, after resuming from suspend.

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