LinuxDefender Live! CD
Posted on: 01/20/2004 05:33 PM

A new Knoppix based LiveCD distro with full NTFS write support is now available

LinuxDefender Live! CD is a BitDefender re-mastered Knoppix distribution. It was designed to provide users of both Windows and Linux computers with virus incident rescue tools.

Wether your Linux mailserver just got rootkited or your Windows gamestation just got Slammer'd, it's LinuxDefender to the rescue! Just put the bootable CD in your drive to start a turn-key Linux OS which comes packed with almost 1.5 gigabytes of utilities.

This distribution contains two world premieres: the world's first ever SAMBA 3 compatible commercial antivirus and FULL NTFS write support - available using the captive NTFS write project. You can use it to access Windows partitions. LinuxDefender Live! integrates the latest BitDefender for Linux security solution into the GNU/Linux Knoppix Live CD distribution.

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