Linux Shootout
Posted on: 06/09/2004 04:20 PM

Linspire has released a desktop linux comparison kit which includes Linspire, Fedora Core 2, and Mandrakelinux 10

Every Linux fan should be interested in seeing how well the Linux leaders compare, so they can assess how quickly the desktop products are maturing. With that in mind, we've created Linux Shootout. For just $29.95 you get digital access to 3 popular Linux products, downloadable from high speed servers. It includes everything you need to install Linspire, FedoraTM and Mandrake on your desktop or laptop computer. If you want the physical CDs, so they'll be on your bookshelf whenever you need them, you can pay $39.95 and get 8 CDs shipped to you, as well as get digital access to over 4 gigabytes of quality Linux products.

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