Linux Mint 17 Qiana MATE Review
Posted on: 07/03/2014 08:11 AM

Dedoimedo published a review of Linux Mint 17 Qiana 64-bit edition with MATE desktop environment

Linux Mint 17 Qiana MATE Review

If you've tried one edition of Linux Mint, you've tried them all, someone said once. Maybe. Maybe I'm just making things up so I can have a meaningful intro to my review. The thing is, people do treat Mint as a single entity, which is not quite true. Cinnamon, MATE, KDE, they are more like the Ubuntu family, with its different prefix letters.

But a good product does have brand recognition, and there's an expected look and feel. Which makes the MATE edition review today, of the latest Mint release, Qiana 17 AKA Mint LTS, all the more interesting. I will be testing on the T61 laptop, and I do not foresee any problems in that regard. But will the user experience be like the Cinnamon trial? Let's find out.

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