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Posted on: 09/17/2003 11:39 AM

A new Linux gaming website is online

Who we are?

We are a union of Linux and BSD users, who use their system not only for working, but also for playing current games.

What we are offering?

We offer all Linux and BSD users the possibility conversing with people of the same interests, exchanging experiences and informing about current linux and bsd topics and emulateable games. With this in mind there is a extensive library with how-to's for native and emulateable games to install and play them fast and simply.
Further linuX consistes the linuX-clan which is or will be a professionall international gaming group.

What do we intend?

It is our target to found a running international linuX-gamer community, which will give every gamer the possibility to play with like-minded or to inform about games. We want to show the gaming industry, that there are more gamers using linux or bsd to play there favourite games in the hope of inspiring them following the example of ID Software, Epic, S2Games, Bioware etc. porting there games to linux or bsd.

Your contribution to the community...

That you help us with interest, curiosity and your co-operation to reach our targets listed above and so helping us to help you.

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