Linux founder Torvalds takes a swipe at ARM
Posted on: 08/18/2011 05:09 PM posted a story that Linus Torvalds, used his appearance at LinuxCon 2011 on Wednesday to criticise chip maker ARM for failing to build a coherent community around its products

Linux founder Torvalds takes a swipe at ARM

Taking the stage ahead of the 20th anniversary of the Linux platform on 25 August, Torvalds said that ARM is a very promising technology, but lacks the kind of standard platform of the x86 PC world.

ARM does not have a PC-like community, Torvalds argued, but is more like a "hodge podge" of major and minor companies making random pieces of hardware.

"[There is] no concentrated effort to have a framework for things. Since we try to support a lot of the ARM architecture, it's been a painful thing for me to see," he said.

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