Linux compatible Java database One$DB open sourced at SF
Posted on: 01/25/2005 12:09 PM

Daffodil Software has announced the open source release of One$DB at under LGPL. One$DB is an effort to drive open source innovation around Java-based applications, which will in turn create new business opportunities in various areas such as embedded database applications, Java applications and web-based applications.

One$DB is a version of Daffodil DB, a J2EE-certified, JDBC 3.0 and SQL-99 compliant Java database. It is available in both network and embedded editions and has been designed to handle complex computing environments that demand a robust, scalable and feature-rich RDBMS that can operate across platforms.

Some of the key features of One$DB are: PHP, Triggers, PSM, MVCC, ODBC driver, advanced security features and an integrated import/export tool. Community developers have also been made available a Software Design Document, by which they can understand the design and architecture of One$DB.

The One$DB source code can be downloaded at:

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