Linux 2.4.24 released
Posted on: 01/05/2004 11:48 AM

Kernel 2.4.24 has been released. Thanks Spunz.

- 2.4.24-rc1 was released as 2.4.24 with no changes.

Summary of changes from v2.4.23 to v2.4.24-rc1
o Fix 2.4 EFI RTC oops
o Andrea Arcangeli: malicious users of mremap() syscall can gain priviledges

o Harald Welte: Fix ipchains MASQUERADE oops

o Change EXTRAVERSION to 2.4.24-rc1
o /dev/rtc can leak parts of kernel memory to unpriviledged users

Jean Tourrilhes:
o IrDA kernel log buster


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