LindowsOS 4.0 Review
Posted on: 06/24/2003 02:19 PM

TuxReports has posted a review on LindowsOS 4.0

Several months ago, the Tux Team installed LindowsOS 3.0. While we were concerned about the strong negative emotions behind the company, we were ambivalent toward the idea that LindowsOS was a good GNU/Linux distribution for new users. We tried to temper the writing and simply wrote about troubles with vi, loops in the startup sounds, and trouble with Click-N-Run. We also tried to dispel some rumors regarding the requirement for running as root as well as being locked into CNR. All in all, we tried to give LindowsOS the benefit of the doubt and tried not to be too negative.

Regardless of how hard we try, there are times that we simply fail in meeting our objectives. We know that when a writer publishes problems, people who love the product immediately attack the writer rather than paying attention to the message. It's an old story and the comments on our past publication regarding LindowsOS 3.0 was no different.

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