Liferea 0.9.4
Posted on: 07/23/2005 05:10 AM

Liferea (Linux Feed Reader) is a fast, easy to use, and easy to install GNOME news aggregator for online news feeds. It supports a number of different feed formats including RSS/RDF, CDF, Atom, OCS, and OPML.


* Improved next-unread selection (patch from Niklas Morberg)
* Improvements to the URL passing when launching links in a configured external browser (Nathan Conrad)


* Fixed SF bug #1223028. Now newlines are stripped from
link definitions. (reported by Hubert Figuiere)
* URLs are properly quoted when opened with an external
browser. This fixes SF bug #1221079. (Nathan Conrad)
* The GtkHTML2 plugin now properly renders downloaded
text files. (Nathan Conrad)


* Updated French translation (Vincent Lefevre)
* Updated Spanish translation (Carlos Fenollosa)
* Updated Romanian translation (Spoiala Cristian)


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