Liferea 0.5.3
Posted on: 08/17/2004 10:30 AM

Liferea 0.5.3 has been released

Liferea (Linux Feed Reader) is a fast, easy to use, and easy to install GNOME news aggregator for online news feeds. It supports a number of different feed formats including RSS/RDF, CDF, Atom, OCS, and OPML.


* New File selectors are used when compiled with GTK+ 2.4 or later. (Nathan Conrad)
* XML parsers now detect namespaces based on their URL. (Nathan Conrad)
* UTF-16 formatted documents are now supported. Please complain if you have problems! This may also help other encodings that contain NULL bytes in their datastreams.
* More favicons are now detected (HTML pages are now searched for links to the favicons). (Nathan Conrad)
* Authenticated proxies are now supported via the GNOME proxy settings and http_proxy environment variable. (Nathan Conrad)
* Help feeds are no longer downloaded at every startup.
* Support for photo blog RSS modules. (Lars Lindner)
* There is a new preference option in the "Headline Display" tab to change the key binding for skimming through the articles. It now defaults to Ctrl-Space instead of simply Space. This is to allow using forms with Mozilla. If you prefer Space please set it explicitly in the preferences. (Lars Lindner)
* GConf schemas have been added to document the various gconf keys that Liferea uses and provide control of defaults by computer administrators. (Nathan Conrad)
* Notification popups now show the favicon of the feeds for easier recognizing. (Lars Linder)
* Session manager support. This makes the lock file removed when a user logs out without first cloning Liferea. (Lots of code from gaim, but integrated into Liferea by Nathan Conrad)


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