libxklavier 1.01
Posted on: 04/13/2004 04:03 AM

libxklavier 1.01 has been released

libxklavier delivers some common keyboard-related functionality in a form of high-level API to be used by applications like layout switching indicators, keyboard configuration utilities etc. The 1.0x series guarantees stable API for GNOME 2.6.x releases

*** Changes since 1.00

The version 1.01 provides build-time compatibility with the latest X.Org X server (which renamed the default xkb rules set from xfree86 to xorg). The configure script option --with-xkb-rules-set allows to change the used rule set from "xfree86" (the default value) to "xorg" (or any other value, for any xfree fork out there). It is tested with gentoo builds (more test reports are very welcome).


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