libtiff (SSA:2004-305-02)
Posted on: 11/01/2004 07:21 AM

New libtiff packages are available for Slackware 8.1, 9.0, 9.1, 10.1, and -current to fix security issues that could lead to application crashes, or possibly execution of arbitrary code.

More details about this issue may be found in the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database:

Here are the details from the Slackware 10.0 ChangeLog:
patches/packages/libtiff-3.7.0-i486-1.tgz: Upgraded to libtiff-3.7.0.
This fixes several bugs that could lead to crashes, or could possibly allow
arbitrary code to be executed. For more details, see:
(* Security fix *)

Where to find the new packages:

Updated package for Slackware 8.1:

Updated package for Slackware 9.0:

Updated package for Slackware 9.1:

Updated package for Slackware 10.0:

Updated package for Slackware -current:

MD5 signatures:

Slackware 8.1 package:
13c265d491293ab098ff32f204813ba6 libtiff-3.5.7-i386-3.tgz

Slackware 9.0 package:
04256c3f750ef84e620ef5ac96a3d5ff libtiff-3.5.7-i386-4.tgz

Slackware 9.1 package:
0c767736c44faa6c4e57dbe18b03046e libtiff-3.5.7-i486-4.tgz

Slackware 10.0 package:
44da0e434b86e744e8845b845705e1b7 libtiff-3.7.0-i486-1.tgz

Slackware -current package:
f02243e50f71fccb1b4ec9827e326056 libtiff-3.7.0-i486-1.tgz

Installation instructions:

Upgrade the package as root:
# upgradepkg libtiff-3.7.0-i486-1.tgz


Slackware Linux Security Team

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