Libranet 3.0 Review
Posted on: 04/26/2005 04:08 PM

Newsforge published a review on Libranet 3.0

The release of Libranet 3.0 continues a tradition that dates back to 1999. Like previous versions, Libranet 3.0 offers one of the easiest approaches to Debian available, providing an easy installation and a wide array of current software. Setup support is available from a small but obliging team, with more general help available from an active discussion forum or an on-line manual written by volunteers. Currently available as a download for $90 for new users and $65 for existing users (with CDs available at the end of May), version 3.0 continues the Libranet tradition of correcting the perceived weaknesses of Debian and making Debian accessible -- but it is not without some flaws.

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