Libranet 2.8.1 Flagship Edition Free Trial
Posted on: 07/02/2004 04:55 AM

Libranet 2.8.1 Flagship Edition is now available for free trial

Libranet is a Debian based system with the added advantages of a super easy install, solid support, configuration setup, system management functions and a collection of applications guaranteed to keep your interest.

The system is highly versatile and you can select from a number of window managers, email clients and web and file browsers.

For developers and those wishing to run servers, Libranet includes a wide range of packages to make setting up a sophisticated Debian system relatively easy.

* A first class system
* Advanced installer
* Libranet Adminmenu
* Access to the Libranet update-safe archive
* Install packages from the Debian archives
* Security updates
* ReiserFS - ext2 - ext3
* apt-get
* OpenOffice
* Up and running support
* 2 CD set

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