Libranet 2.7 Classic Edition Review
Posted on: 11/05/2003 05:25 AM

Saw over at OSNews that has posted a review on Libranet 2.7 Classic Edition

Out of Vancouver comes very neat little distro called Libranet. Based on Debian but with an emphasis on ease-of-use, this is a powerful yet stable distribution that although isn't a major name, has loyal followers.The version I'm currently reviewing is 2.7 Classic Edition, the freely downloadable version, as opposed to the newer Flagship Edition, 2.81.

Libranet certainly has a difference to most distributions that I've tried, the best way that I could descrive it is the SuSE of the Debian world, with extra tools and shortcuts, except it's trim and streamlined (especially in comparison to SuSE).

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