libgtksourceviewmm 0.3.0 is available
Posted on: 01/22/2007 08:57 AM

libgtksourceviewmm is a C++ wrapper for the gtksourceview widget library. It offers all the power of gtksourceview with an interface familiar to c++ developers, including users of the gtkmm library.

Content of the release

This is a bug fix and feature release that breaks the API a little bit, but that is for the good. Users of 0.1.0 and 0.2.0 must recompile their applications, sorry. GtkSourceViewMM is reaching a state where API/ABI stability will become possible, though.

[Dodji Seketeli]

* updated API documentation
* added gtksourceview/gtksourceviewmm.h as a shortcut header to include all the gtksourviewmm headers.
* wrapped the GtkSourceIter class.

[Murray Cumming]

* various API cleanless fixes. Added needed const to various getters.
* cleaned documentation make install process

[Johannes Schmid]

* fixed a typo. Renamed SourceBuffer::end_notundoable_action() into SourceBuffer::end_not_undoable_action().

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