libgtksourceviewmm 0.1.0
Posted on: 09/17/2006 06:05 PM

libgtksourceviewmm 0.1.0 has been released

libgtksourceviewmm is a C++ binding of the gtksourceview widget.

This project is a fork of the initial gtksourceviewmm 1.10.0 writen by Rob Page. I took it over as gtksourceviewmm is no maintained at the moment. The project got almost completely re-written for the sake of a better integration in the gtkmm environment.

I changed its name (gtksourceviewmm --gt; libgtksourceviewmm) because I did not want a first release to have a version number greater than 1.0. libgtksourceviewmm 0.1.0 is fairly complete, usable and robust at the moment. I have been testing it for a while and so did a few other people.

The major lack though is that there is no API documentation for the moment (anyone willing to give some help here ?). As there is a (more or less) one to one mapping between the libgtksourceview and libgtksourceviewmm, users can still use the gtksourceview documentation.

For now on, I guess my focus will be on documentation :-)

You can grab source tarball at .

You can check out the code from the svn repository by typing:
svn co gtksourceviewmm

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