libgtk-java 2.6.1
Posted on: 03/17/2005 04:45 AM

The Java-GNOME Team is pleased to announce the next stable release of libgtk-java. This release contains the following bug fixes:

* make distclean was removing and configure
* Fixed bug setting colors on Widget
* Fixed callbacks to static methods
* Fixed error handling in IconTheme?
* Fixed error in listFaces in pango.FontFamily
* Added native bindings for ToggleToolButton?
* Bugzilla 166682 - TreeViewEvent?.getTreeIter returns 'null'
* Bugzilla 168217 - Dialog.addButton() should receive StockItems?
* Bugzilla 168014 - Missing Window.setIconList
* Bugzilla 155013 - TextBuffer?.createTag could faile
* Bugzilla 155017 - double-click event?

You can download the source tarballs from the GNOME ftp site at:

About Java-GNOME
Java-GNOME is a collection of Java language bindings for the GNOME Desktop Environment. They provide a high-level, object oriented API allowing developers to quickly build desktop applications. When combined with gcj and eclipse they deliver a very compelling GNOME development environment.

To learn more about Java-GNOME and the additional bindings we provide please visit our web site at:

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