libccc 0.0.5 - a cairo canvas for GTK+
Posted on: 05/06/2007 08:20 AM

This releases synchronizes the version of libccc that is being used by most of the application developers that use it. I promise, I'm doing releases a lot more often in the future to keep you updated easier.

Bug Tracker:
API Reference:

New Features:

* gradient support (your items can look really great)
* cleaner API for view-specific data
* a camera item that can display a canvas in a canvas (nice for
mini-maps or drop-shadows)
* a cell renderer to display canvas items in tree and icon list widgets
* easy API calls for rapid prototyping
* general code quality improvements
* rotation and scaling support for the CcPixbuf item
* started a test suite to ensure proper behavior and check for tests
* stacking manipulation calls

About libccc:

Libccc already provides a pretty nice feature set which looked like this
before this release:
* easy model/view split (no need for separate APIs, no need to pick one
API out of others, no need to migrate from one to another)
* API similar to GnomeCanvas (but trying to avoid some API problems
that GC had)
* fine-grained event control
* generic container API (every item can be a container)
* C and Python APIs, C# and C++ in progress, Ruby planned
* (soo many things I consider too simple to list them here)

Libccc is still in development. There are several features scheduled for
the next release: take a look at the roadmap to see where the road of
development leads to.


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