libbtctl and gnome-bluetooth 0.9
Posted on: 07/15/2007 11:33 AM

Quite a few fixes in those new versions. They're ABI compatible with 0.8.x, so if you package those for a distro, please make sure to upgrade.

* What is it?
- libbtctl is a (deprecated) library for discovering Bluetooth devices, and contains the backend for the Obex server and client
- gnome-bluetooth is a (deprecated) collection of widgets for use with GNOME applications, and an Obex server and client applications

Those 2 libraries will soon be rendered useless by the advent of the OpenObex D-Bus server (a Google Summer of Code project), and the move of the applications and widgets into the bluez-gnome package.

* Changelog, short version:
- Discovering new devices works again
- Sending files to some device works for the first time (those devices were waiting for a disconnect before handling the file, and we weren't disconnecting cleanly)

Full version in the ChangeLog and NEWS files in each package.

* Download:
Tarballs are available at:

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