Last Exit 3 released
Posted on: 09/24/2006 06:40 PM

Last Exit 3 has been released

Last-Exit is a Gtk/C#/GStreamer based player for the LastFM radio station (

It has most of the useful features that the official player has:

* Stream support
* Station searching
* Tagging
* Journalling
* Access to subscriber features

New in this release:
- Add context menu to tray icon (Brandon Hale)
- Search for Group Radio (Thom May)
- Check for already running last-exit (Baris Cicek)
- Win32 portablity fixes (TJ Fontaine)
- Preferences window (Brandon)
- Use gconfaudiosink (Iain Holmes)
- Bug fixes (TJ, Sebastian Dr=F6ge, Brandon)

As can be seen, I did nothing. Brandon rules.

GStreamer 0.10
D-Bus 0.60
LastFM account (Available for free at


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