Labyrinth 0.1 "The Beginning Stages of..." Released
Posted on: 08/29/2006 07:14 PM

Labyrinth 0.1 has been released

Labyrinth is a mind-mapping tool for GNOME. Written in Python and using Cairo for its drawing.

Screenshots and (a little) more info is available at its temporary home:

What's in it?

Version 0.1 allows the creation and editing of text "thoughts" on a canvas. These thoughts can also be linked to other thoughts. It provides Tomboy-style loading and saving of maps and a nice browser to see available maps.

Getting the code

This release can be downloaded using the link:
with the md5 sum: 51c71329c4592c047f64f76939729077

Do the ./configure make dance and the result can be run either from
the working directory: python src/ or it can be installed with 'make install' and run with: labyrinth

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