Kubuntu Breezy Preview Released
Posted on: 09/09/2005 04:03 AM

The Kubuntu 5.10 Preview is now available.

This is the beta release for the next version of Kubuntu.

New in this release is:

- The latest KDE 3.4.2
- OpenOffice 2 beta 2
- X.org 6.8.2

Other new features include:

- Krita - state of the art bitmap image editor
- Katapult - an advanced application and item launcher
- System Settings - a user friendly replacement for KControl
- A simplified Konqueror profile

The Kubuntu Breezy Preview is available as Live and Install CDs for PC (x86), 64-bit PC (AMD64) and Macintosh (PowerPC). Some of the CD images are larger than 650MB, you will need to ensure you have 700MB blank CDs and a burner capable of using them.

Download (EU)
Download (US)
Download (UK)

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