Kubuntu 12.04 - Two months later
Posted on: 08/25/2012 07:36 PM

Dedoimedo published a short review of Kubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin approx. three months after the original article, focusing on speed and responsiveness gains, resolution of bugs and crashes, visual polish, desktop effects, and overall improvements.

Kubuntu 12.04 - Two months later

Truth to be told, I'm writing this article something like three, three and a half months after my original Kubuntu Pangolin rather lukewarm review, but to be in line with the same take on SUSE, which took place 60 days after the initial piece, the title here was chosen as it is, just slightly misleading. Anyhow, it's been a while since I first installed the latest Long Term Release version of Ubuntu, the one adorned with the KDE desktop. Overall, I was somewhat disappointed by the spring edition, as it showed a definite neglect when compared to its sweet big brother. In a way, it got the attention you reserve for bastard children, in a medieval setting, of course. Today, everyone loves their children equally, right.

Well, I had some time to warm up, or chill down, working with Kubuntu in the last several months. This means two or three major cycles of upgrades, polishing the looks and the application base and whatnot. So let's see what gives and how my impression has changed, if at all, in this period. Follow me, my precious. That means you.

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