KPlayer 0.5.1 released
Posted on: 07/06/2004 05:17 PM

KPlayer 0.5.1 has been released

KPlayer is a KDE media player based on MPlayer,

With KPlayer you can easily play a wide variety of video and audio files and streams using a rich and friendly interface that follows KDE standards.

After half a year in the works, KPlayer 0.5 is finally here. The new version represents a rewrite of majority of the code base. While retaining all preexisting features, it adds powerful new stuff that will shape the future of KPlayer development.

The most prominent new feature is the ability to set many options on per URL basis. Known as File Properties, this enhancement greatly improves flexibility and usability by allowing the user to fine tune KPlayer and MPlayer options for individual files and streams.

Another important enhancement is the ability to play files from KDE I/O Slaves. Just as an example, you can play a file over an SSH connection without storing it locally, by using the kio_fish I/O Slave with a URL like fish://hostname/path/file.

Other improvements include meta information about media files in Konqueror file manager, support for mms:, pnm: and rtsp: URLs in Konqueror browser, zooming with the mouse wheel, smooth seeking when dragging the progress slider, and a whole lot of minor improvements and bug fixes.

KPlayer 0.5.1 fixes compilation problems with GCC 3.4 and Qt 3.1, as well as some minor issues.

KPlayer is licensed under GPL.

Download (tarball)
Download (Debian package)

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