Knotebook: KDE applet for notebooks/laptops
Posted on: 01/08/2005 05:09 AM

Knotebook, a KDE applet for notebooks, has been released

I wrote a little peace of software to control several functions of my Portege M200 Tablet PC:
- cpu frequency control, depends on battery status and load average
- battery power status
- process function key and special tablet button events
- lid status events: open/close. e.g. used to put the notebook into "suspend to ram" mode.

The software was designed for a Toshiba notebook specially, but some of the functions work on other notebooks/laptops too.

The software consists of two parts:

- notebookd: a daemon controlling the functions mentioned aboved. Needs Linux 2.6.x .

- Knotebook: a taskbar applet that shows the current state of notebookd / the notebook. Similar to Klaptop. (KDE 3.1 was used to develop the applet)

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