Knoppix V3.2-2003-04-10
Posted on: 04/11/2003 08:57 AM

Klaus Knopper has released a new build of Knoppix 3.2

Change log:

- "knoppix alsa" automatic ALSA soundcard detection seems to work now
- Flush keyboard buffers before asking to hit return on shutdown
- Removed unconfigured nessus menu entry in favour of System/Security/Nessus
- wlcardconfig: Allow essid with spaces
- Bugfix/Workaround: Use mousedev for ALL USB-mice (hopefully fixes some problems that were reported with USB mice)
- Deleted most of the Gnome 1 stuff due to space problems. Gone (until a Gnome2 version exists and fits): evolution, libguppi16, gcdmaster, gnome-games and kino
- Added Flash-Installer from Fabian Franz (KNOPPIX -> Utilities)
- Added alsa-Option and drivers (untested), contributed by Fabian Franz. You can now boot with knoppix alsa=es1938 (for an es1938-based card), or just "knoppix alsa" for autodetection, to try if your soundcard works better with ALSA. ALSA is known to hang or freeze the system with some boards. Use at your own risk.
- Update for the german KNOPPIX-talk (PDF)

Download (English)
Download (German)

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