Kloxo 6.1.6 released
Posted on: 06/13/2011 11:26 AM

A new version of Kloxo, a free webhosting software for CentOS to manage clients, resellers, databases, traffic, domains, mail and IPs across multiple locations, has been released

Kloxo 6.1.6 released

From Kloxo HostInaBox, a light and efficient webhosting platform, to Kloxo Enterprise, a truly distributed hosting platform.

Kloxo is a fully scriptable, distributed and a 100% object oriented hosting platform.


CentOS 5 Support
Integrates with billing software such as AWBS, WHMCS and HostBill
Kloxo HostinABox: Feature Complete web hosting platform that uses 10MB RSS.
Kloxo Enterprise: distributed hosting platform.
View, Search and Manage your entire hosting, and every domain from a single page.
Lxguard, advanced intrusion detection management interface.
Supports apache/lighttpd, djbdns/bind and pure-ftpd
On the fly Switch between applications
Scale to million hits per day, using fastcgi
Advanced Backup/Restore
Upgrade from HostInABox to Enterprise without re-installing
Parked/Redirected Domains
Integrated RoR
Main Features:

Full Distribution of resources across machines.
Ability to move accounts from one cluster to another.
Backup your entire hosting and restore ANY part of it.
Disk usage and warning report for the whole cluster.
Ability to move resources across machines on-the-fly. Start with a single server, and when you have reached the saturation, just add another server and move the requisite resources to the new machine.
Move Clients/Domains across resellers. You can change the ownership of both clients and domains and move them around trivially.
General Features:

Messaging System. Kloxo allows you have a better relationship with your customers using our messaging and ticketing system.
Ticket System. This is a full featured trouble ticket system that allows customers to post their complaints without the need to login to their main account.
Ticket alerts.
Disable / Enable Resellers.
Change Reseller’s quotas.
Command Line api to everything that can be done through web interface.
Client functions:

Manage reseller quotas: Control your client’s ability to:
Change Banner
Enable frontpage
Enable ssl
Web server pool
Mail server pool
Dns Server pool
Database server pool.
Ipaddress pool.
Exclusive ipaddress: Allow a customer to setup ssl certificate for this ipaddress.

Backup Your Entire Account, including domains, clients, databases, directory protects, and also the contents of all the resources.
Schedule backup.
Upload backup to Ftp servers.
Mail Functions

Manage email accounts
Mailing list Management (ezmlm)
Full control of Dns.
Spam filtering (SpamAssassin)

View latest visitors
View bandwidth usage
Traffic Calculation includes Mail, Web and Ftp Traffics.
View error log
Download raw log file
Web functions

Directory Protect
User password directly linked to the Frontpage password.
Frontpage Install/Uninstall
Custom error pages
Cluster aware File Manager
Cron job management.
Manage FTP accounts

Ability to add/remove subdomains
Ability to create Ftp users for specific subdomains.
Database Management

Manage MySQL databases on multiple servers
Intelligent phpMyAdmin access. Kloxo will automatically redirect you to the correct server on which the database is configured.

Server Functions:

Manage Services
Change Database adminstrator password
Ipaddress management
See all the domains that are using the particular server.
Cron jobs.
Log manager
Process Manager
Package updation. Using up2date.
Platform Support
CentOS 5 Stable (32Bit)

New in 6.1.6:
The following is fixed:
Bug #245 NameVirtualHost has no VirtualHosts
Bug #497 Users can do too much in DNS config
Bug #512 Ezmlm stilll active when choose Remote Mail
Bug #516 Using suphp gives 500 internal server error (Apache)
Bug #518 EN language shows english messages not from lang dir
Bug #519 Spamdyke On Additional Smtp Port affects also primary port
Bug #529 Horde does not log-out
Bug #554 Spamassassin - wrong user_prefs

New Features:
Feature #5 Change php sendmail to indicate source domain

Security Fixes:
Security #15 Passwords in plain text in shell_exec
Security #435 Critical PHP security bug (disable_functions configuration in php.ini)
Security #541 Update Roundcube to 0.5.2

ToDo #483 Add help/help-base etc. to translations

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