KlamAV 0.35
Posted on: 01/19/2006 11:49 PM

KlamAV 0.35 has been released

KlamAV brings ClamAV functionality to the KDE desktop user. In other words, it's a front-end (though it does try to be a bit more than that.)

Features include support for:

- First-Run Wizard
- On Access Scanning.
- Manual Scanning.
- Context-Menu Scanning
- Quarantine Management.
- Downloading updates
- Automatic Software updates (ClamAV and KlamAV)
- Mail Scanning (KMail and Ximian Evolution)
- Automated Compilation and Installation
- dazuko-2.1.0 pre-packaged
- Virus Browser
- Scan Scheduler
- *NEW* Event Logger and Viewer *NEW*
- German/Russian/Portugese/Spanish/Polish/Czech Translations

KlamAV 0.35

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