KIOSK Admin Tool v1.0 released
Posted on: 04/27/2005 04:08 AM

KIOSK Admin Tool is a graphical tool to enable KDE's KIOSK features and to easily create KDE settings profiles for groups of users.

KIOSK Admin Tool requires at least KDE 3.2.2 or SUSE Linux 9.1

For more information about KIOSK Admin Tool or KDE's KIOSK features in general, please subscribe to the mailinglist:

Version 1.0 Changelog:

* Improved work flow of UI
* Made the cute background graphics optional
* Fixed lock down of screensaver settings
* Improved lock down of menu settings

Version 1.0 is currently available in source code from

Binary packages for Fedora Core 3 will soon be available from

Binary packages for SUSE Linux will soon be available from

Visit for the latest information.

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