kdesvn 0.4 released
Posted on: 08/05/2005 04:58 AM

kdesvn is a native subversion client for KDE. It tries to give subversion users a view like on a normal filesystem to a repository and a working copy. Instead of simple parsing the output of the standard subversion commandline it uses the c-api and wants to get a real subversion client with all of the goodies KDE has.

Changes in 0.4:
* Lock/Unlock items
* Ignore/Unignore files
* fix buildproblems with gcc 4
* some basic settings implemented
* fixed some wrong actions activating/deactivating
* SSL dialogs

homepage: http://www.alwins-world.de/programs/kdesvn.

You may download the sources from here

Comments, bugrepors and feature wishes are welcome. You may use the bugtracker at http://www.alwins-world.de/programs/mantis/

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