kdebluetooth release 1.0 Beta 3
Posted on: 06/12/2007 04:15 PM

kdebluetooth 1.0 Beta 3 is ready

kdebluetooth got mostly rewritten to make use of the BlueZ D-BUS API and ll of their services. libkbluetooth wraps the BlueZ D-BUS API and makes it quite easy to write some Bluetooth related application.

kbluetoothd is now a simple trayicon application without any daemon functionality and got renamed to kbluetooth. It also acts as Passkey Agent for Bluetooth device pairing request and as Authorization Agent for Bluetooth service request from remote Bluetooth devices. So no more evil hacks to get pairing with bluez-utils 3.x working in KDE. Bye bye, pin-helpers!

With kbluetooth you can also configure your Bluetooth interface. Changed the mode to discoverable (for other devices) or only connectable (still connectable but not visible for other devices). Or change the discoverable name of the Bluetooth interface.

Another highlight is the initial implementation of a Bluetooth Input Wizard. Which allows to setup and manage Bluetooth Input devices from KDE in easy way. The Input Wizard is still experimental and doesn't looks like eye-candy at the moment.

kio_obex got replaced by kio_obex2 which is based only on obexftp (no need for libkobex/libqobex) and supports also now USB as transport (libusb).

kbluelock got rewritten by Tom Patzig which locks the KDE session if a configured Bluetooth remote device disappaers - e.g. your mobile phone. So if you leave your office, with enabled Bluetooth, kbluelock is going to lock the screen.


Download kdebluetooth:

The next steps:

- testing
- make it stable
- make it userfriendly
- make it something like eye-candy
- implement a transfer service (OBEX Push)
- implement the audio service (Bluetooth Headsets, ...)

Note to packagers: this software contains a shared library (libkbluetooth) and related headers. Please include them in your package, other software (currently kmobiletools) will require them to properly work.

I would like to thank Tom Patzig and Marco Gulino who developed as well on this branch!

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