KDE Frameworks 5.52.0 released
Posted on: 11/10/2018 11:05 AM

KDE Frameworks 5.52.0 has been released

KDE Frameworks 5.52.0 released

KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.52.0.

KDE Frameworks are 79 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of·
commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested·
libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the·
Frameworks 5.0 release announcement.


Unbreak build with BUILD_QCH=TRUE
Actually use fileNameTerms and xAttrTerms
[Balooshow] Avoid out-of-bounds access when accessing corrupt db data
[Extractor] Do not check QFile::exists for an empty url
[Scheduler] Use flag to track when a runner is going idle
[Extractor] Handle documents correctly where mimetype should not be indexed
[Scheduler] Fix wrong usage of obsolete QFileInfo::created() timestamp (bug 397549)
[Extractor] Make extractor crash resilient (bug 375131)
Pass the FileIndexerConfig as const to the individual indexers
[Config] Remove KDE4 config support, stop writing arbitrary config files
[Extractor] Improve commandline debugging, forward stderr
[Scheduler] Reuse fileinfo from FilteredDirIterator
[Scheduler] Reuse mimetype from UnindexedFileIterator in indexer
[Scheduler] Remove superfluous m_extractorIdle variable
Perform checks for unindexed files and stale index entries on startup
[balooctl] Print current state & indexing file when monitor starts (bug 364858)
[balooctl] Monitor also for state changes
[balooctl] Fix "index" command with already indexed, but moved file (bug 397242)


Add Media and MediaEndpoint API header generation

Breeze Icons

Change package manager icons to emblems
Re-add monochrome link icon as action
Improve emblem contrast, legibility and consistency (bug 399968)
Support "new" mimetype for .deb files (bug 399421)

Extra CMake Modules

ECMAddQch: help doxygen by predefining more Q_DECL_* macros
Bindings: Support using sys paths for python install directory
Bindings: Remove INSTALL_DIR_SUFFIX from ecm_generate_python_binding
Add support for the fuzzer sanitizer


support for multi pages kcms


Add mechanism to notify other clients of config changes over DBus
Expose getter method for KConfig::addConfigSources


Allow KHelpCenter to open the right pages of KDE help when KHelpClient is invoked with an anchor


KCrash: fix crash (ironic heh) when used in an app without QCoreApplication


make push/pop part of ConfigModule API


Remove useless "No X-KDE-DBus-ServiceName found" message


Reference product "KF5" in widget metadata, instead of "KDE"


API dox: add minimal docs to KDocTools namespace, so doxygen covers it
Create a QCH file with the API dox, optionally, using ECMAddQCH
Wait for docbookl10nhelper to be built before building our own manpages
Use specified Perl interpreter instead of relying on PATH


[ExtractorCollection] Use only best matching extractor plugin
[KFileMetaData] Add extractor for generic XML and SVG
[KFileMetaData] Add helper for XML encoded Dublin Core metadata
implement support for reading ID3 tags from aiff and wav files
implement more tags for asf metadata
extract ape tags from ape and wavpack files
provide a list of supported mimetypes for embeddedimagedata
compare with QLatin1String and harmonize handling of all types
Don't crash on invalid exiv2 data (bug 375131)
epubextractor: Add property ReleaseYear
refactor taglibextractor to functions specific for metadata type
add wma files/asf tags as supported mimetype
use own extractor for testing the taglibwriter
add a string suffix to test data and use for unicode testing of taglibwriter
remove compile time check for taglib version
extend test coverage to all supported mimetypes for taglibextractor
Use variable with already fetched text instead of fetching again


Fix keyboard layout change notifications (bug 269403)

KHolidays #

Add Bahrain Holiday File
Make KHolidays work as static library too


Add a QIconEnginePlugin to allow QIcon deserialization (bug 399989)
[KIconLoader] Replace heap-allocated QImageReader with stack-allocated one
[KIconLoader] Adjust emblem border depending on icon size
Center icons properly if size doesn't fit (bug 396990)


Do not try to fallback to "less secure" SSL protocols
[KSambaShare] Trim trailing / from share path
[kdirlistertest] Wait a little longer for the lister to finish
Display sorry message if file is not local
kio_help: Fix crash in QCoreApplication when accessing help:// (bug 399709)
Avoid waiting for user actions when kwin Focus stealing prevention is high or extreme
[KNewFileMenu] Don't open an empty QFile
Added missing Icons to Places Panel code from KIO
Get rid of the raw KFileItem pointers in KCoreDirListerCache
Add 'Mount' option to context menu of unmounted device in Places
Add a 'Properties' entry in the places panel context menu
Fix warning "macro expansion producing 'defined' has undefined behavior"


Fix missing items in static builds
basic support for hidden pages
load icons from proper icon themes
(many other fixes)


More useful error messages


Fixed a crash caused by bad lifetime management of canberra-based audio notification (bug 398695)


Fix Cancel being not handled in deprecated BrowserRun::askEmbedOrSave
Port to undeprecated variant of KRun::runUrl
Port KIO::Job::ui() -> KJob::uiDelegate()


Add KWayland virtual desktop protocol
Guard data source being deleted before processing dataoffer receive event (bug 400311)
[server] Respect input region of sub-surfaces on pointer surface focus
[xdgshell] Add positioner constraint adjustment flag operators


API dox: fix "Since" note of KPageWidgetItem::isHeaderVisible
Add a new property headerVisible


Do not compare iterators returned from two separate returned copies


Take 1..n KMainWindows in kRestoreMainWindows


Add missing ipv4 setting options
Add vxlan setting

Plasma Framework

revert icons scaling on mobile
Support mnemonic labels
Remove PLASMA_NO_KIO option
Properly look for fallback themes


Set Dialog flag for JobDialog


[solid-hardware5] List icon in device details
[UDisks2] Power down drive on remove if supported (bug 270808)


Fix breakage of language guessing


Add missing README.md file (needed by various scripts)

Syntax Highlighting

z/OS CLIST file syntax highlighting
Creating new syntax highlighting file for Job Control Language (JCL)
Remove open mode from too new Qt version
inc version + fixup required kate version to current framework version
keyword rule: Spport for keywords inclusion from another language/file
No spell checking for Metamath except in comments
CMake: Add XCode related variables and properties introduced in 3.13
CMake: Introduce new features of upcoming 3.13 release

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