KDE Frameworks 5.41.0 released
Posted on: 12/11/2017 11:49 AM

KDE Frameworks 5.41.0 has been released

KDE Frameworks 5.41.0 released

KDE Frameworks are 70 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the Frameworks 5.0 release announcement.


Strip down and re-write the baloo tags KIO slave (bug 340099)


Do not leak rfkill file descriptors (bug 386886)

Breeze Icons

Add missing icon sizes (bug 384473)
add install and uninstall icons for discover

Extra CMake Modules

Add the description tag to the generated pkgconfig files
ecm_add_test: Use proper path sep on Windows
Add FindSasl2.cmake to ECM
Only pass the ARGS thing when doing Makefiles
Add FindGLIB2.cmake and FindPulseAudio.cmake
ECMAddTests: set QT_PLUGIN_PATH so locally built plugins can be found
KDECMakeSettings: more docu about the layout of the build dir

Framework Integration

Support downloading the 2nd or 3rd download link from a KNS product (bug 385429)


Start fixing libKActivitiesStats.pc: (bug 386933)


Fix race that starts kactivitymanagerd multiple times


Allow to only build the kauth-policy-gen code generator
Add a note about calling the helper from multithreaded applications


Do not show edit bookmarks action if keditbookmarks is not installed
Port from deprecated KAuthorized::authorizeKAction to authorizeAction


keyboard navigation in and out QML kcms


Do not crash when setting new line edit on an editable combo box
KComboBox: Return early when setting editable to previous value
KComboBox: Reuse the existing completion object on new line edit


Don't look for /etc/kderc every single time


Update default colors to match new colors in D7424


Input validation of SubJobs
Warn about errors when parsing json files
Install mimetype definitions for kcfg/kcfgc/ui.rc/knotify & qrc files
Add a new function to measure the length by text
Fix KAutoSave bug on file with white space in it


Make it compile on windows
[MouseEventListener] Allow accepting mouse event
use a single QML engine


kded: remove dbus calls to ksplash


Update Brasilian Portuguese translation
Update Russian translation
Update Russian translation
Update customization/xsl/ru.xml (nav-home was missing)


KEmoticons: port plugins to JSON and add support for loading with KPluginMetaData
Do not leak symbols of pimpl classes, protect with Q_DECL_HIDDEN


The usermetadatawritertest requires Taglib
If the property value is null, remove the user.xdg.tag attribute (bug 376117)
Open files in TagLib extractor readonly


Group some blocking dbus calls
kglobalacceld: Avoid loading an icon loader for no reason
generate correct shortcut strings


KUriFilter: filter out duplicate plugins
KUriFilter: simplify data structures, fix memory leak
[CopyJob] Don't start all over after having removed a file
Fix creating a directory via KNewFileMenu+KIO::mkpath on Qt 5.9.3+ (bug 387073)
Created an auxiliary function 'KFilePlacesModel::movePlace'
Expose KFilePlacesModel 'iconName' role
KFilePlacesModel: Avoid unnecessary 'dataChanged' signal
Return a valid bookmark object for any entry in KFilePlacesModel
Create a 'KFilePlacesModel::refresh' function
Create 'KFilePlacesModel::convertedUrl' static function
KFilePlaces: Created 'remote' section
KFilePlaces: Add a section for removable devices
Added baloo urls into places model
Fix KIO::mkpath with qtbase 5.10 beta 4
[KDirModel] Emit change for HasJobRole when jobs change
Change label "Advanced options" > "Terminal options"


Offset the scrollbar by the header size (bug 387098)
bottom margin based on actionbutton presence
don't assume applicationWidnow() to be available
Don't notify about value changes if we are still in the constructor
Replace the library name in the source
support colors in more places
color icons in toolbars if needed
consider icon colors in the main action buttons
start for an "icon" grouped property


Revert "Detach before setting the d pointer" (bug 386156)
do not install development tool to aggregate desktop files
[knewstuff] Do not leak ImageLoader on error

KPackage Framework

Properly do strings in the kpackage framework
Don't try to generate metadata.json if there's no metadata.desktop
fix kpluginindex caching
Improve error output


Fix VI-Mode buffer commands
prevent accidental zooming


Port from QDom to QXmlStreamReader
Use https for downloading currency exchange rates


Expose wl_display_set_global_filter as a virtual method
Fix kwayland-testXdgShellV6
Add support for zwp_idle_inhibit_manager_v1 (bug 385956)
[server] Support inhibiting the IdleInterface


Avoid inconsistent passworddialog
Set enable_blur_behind hint on demand
KPageListView: Update width on font change


[KWindowEffectsPrivateX11] Add reserve() call


Fix translation of toolbar name when it has i18n context

Plasma Framework

The #warning directive is not universal and in particular is NOT supported by MSVC
[IconItem] Use ItemSceneHasChanged rather than connect on windowChanged
[Icon Item] Explicitly emit overlaysChanged in the setter rather than connecting to it
[Dialog] Use KWindowSystem::isPlatformX11()
Reduce the amount of spurious property changes on ColorScope
[Icon Item] Emit validChanged only if it actually changed
Suppress unnecessary scroll indicators if the flickable is a ListView with known orientation
[AppletInterface] Emit change signals for configurationRequired and -Reason
Use setSize() instead of setProperty width and height
Fixed an issue where PlasmaComponents Menu would appear with broken corners (bug 381799)
Fixed an issue where context menus would appear with broken corners (bug 381799)
API docs: add deprecation notice found in the git log
Synchronize the component with the one in Kirigami
Search all KF5 components as such instead as separate frameworks
Reduce spurious signal emissions (bug 382233)
Add signals indicating if a screen was added or removed
install Switch stuff
Don't rely in includes of includes
Optimize SortFilterModel role names
Remove DataModel::roleNameToId


Add Aztec code generator


determine QQC2 version at build time (bug 386289)
by default, keep the background invisible
add a background in ScrollView


Faster UDevManager::devicesFromQuery


Make it possible to crosscompile sonnet

Syntax Highlighting

Add PKGUILD to bash syntax
JavaScript: include standard mime types
debchangelog: add Bionic Beaver
Update SQL (Oracle) syntax file (bug 386221)
SQL: move detecting comments before operators
crk.xml: added header line

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