KDE Frameworks 5.39.0 released
Posted on: 10/16/2017 05:40 AM

KDE has released KDE Frameworks 5.39.0.

KDE Frameworks 5.39.0 released

KDE Frameworks are 70 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the Frameworks 5.0 release announcement.


Only match real MIME types, not e.g. "raw CD image" (bug 364884)
Remove pf.path() from container before the reference got screwed up by it.remove()
Fix tags KIO-slave protocol description
Consider markdown files to be Documents

Breeze Icons

add overflow-menu icon (bug 385171)

Extra CMake Modules

Fix python bindings compilation after 7af93dd23873d0b9cdbac192949e7e5114940aa6

Framework Integration

Make KStandardGuiItem::discard match QDialogButtonBox::Discard


Changed the default query limit to zero
Added the option to enable model tester


Make KCMultiDialog scrollable (bug 354227)


Deprecate KStandardShortcut::SaveOptions


Deprecate KStandardAction::PasteText and KPasteTextAction


desktoptojson: Improve legacy service type detection heuristic (bug 384037)


Relicense to LGPL2.1+
Added openService() method to KRunProxy


fix crash when more than one instances of ExtractorCollection are destructed


Revert "KGlobalAccel: port to KKeyServer's new method symXModXToKeyQt, to fix numpad keys" (bug 384597)


add a method to reset the custom palette
use qApp->palette() when no custom one is set
allocate the proper buffer size
allow to set a custom palette instead of colorSets
expose the colorset for the stylesheet


Windows: Fix 'klauncher uses absolute compile time install path for finding kioslave.exe'


kioexec: Watch the file when it has finished copying (bug 384500)
KFileItemDelegate: Always reserve space for icons (bug 372207)


don't instantiate Theme file in BasicTheme
add a new Forward button
less contrast to the sheet scrollbar background
more reliable insert and remove from overflow menu
better context icon rendering
more careful to center the action button
use iconsizes for action buttons
pixel perfect icon sizes on desktop
selected effect to fake handle icon
fix color of handles
better color for the main action button
fix context menu for desktop style
better "more" menu for the toolbar
a proper menu for the intermediate pages context menu
add a text field which should bring up a keypad
don't crash when launched with non existent styles
ColorSet concept in Theme
simplify wheel management (bug 384704)
new example app with desktop/mobile main qml files
ensure currentIndex is valid
Generate the appstream metadata of the gallery app
Look for QtGraphicalEffects, so packagers don't forget it
Don't include the control over the bottom decoration (bug 384913)
lighter coloring whe listview has no activeFocus
some support for RTL layouts
Disable shortcuts when an action is disabled
create the whole plugin structure in the build directory
fix accessibility for the gallery main page
If plasma isn't available, KF5Plasma isn't either. Should fix the CI error


Require Kirigami 2.1 instead of 1.0 for KNewStuffQuick
Properly create KPixmapSequence
Don't complain the knsregistry file is not present before it's useful

KPackage Framework

kpackage: bundle a copy of servicetypes/kpackage-generic.desktop
kpackagetool: bundle a copy of servicetypes/kpackage-generic.desktop


KPartsApp template: fix install location of kpart desktop file


Ignore default mark in icon border for single selectable mark
Use QActionGroup for input mode selection
Fix missing spell check bar (bug 359682)
Fix the fall-back "blackness" value for unicode > 255 characters (bug 385336)
Fix trailing space visualization for RTL lines


Only send OutputConfig sendApplied / sendFailed to the right resource
Don't crash if a client (legally) uses deleted global contrast manager
Support XDG v6


KAcceleratorManager: set icon text on actions to remove CJK markers (bug 377859)
KSqueezedTextLabel: Squeeze text when changing indent or margin
Use edit-delete icon for destructive discard action (bug 385158)
Fix Bug 306944 - Using the mousewheel to increment/decrement the dates (bug 306944)
KMessageBox: Use question mark icon for question dialogs
KSqueezedTextLabel: Respect indent, margin and frame width


Fix KToolBar repaint loop (bug 377859)

Plasma Framework

Fix org.kde.plasma.calendar with Qt 5.10
[FrameSvgItem] Iterate child nodes properly
[Containment Interface] Don't add containment actions to applet actions on desktop
Add new component for the greyed out labels in Item Delegates
Fix FrameSVGItem with the software renderer
Don't animate IconItem in software mode
[FrameSvg] Use new-style connect
possibility to set an attached colorscope to not inherit
Add extra visual indicator for Checkbox/Radio keyboard focus
don't recreate a null pixmap
Pass item to rootObject() since it's now a singleton (bug 384776)
Don't list tab names twice
don't accept active focus on tab
register revision 1 for QQuickItem
[Plasma Components 3] Fix RTL in some widgets
Fix invalid id in viewitem
update mail notification icon for better contrast (bug 365297)


New module:
QtQuickControls 2 style that uses QWidget's QStyle for painting
This makes it possible to achieve an higher deree of consistency between QWidget-based and QML-based apps.


[solid/fstab] Add support for x-gvfs style options in fstab
[solid/fstab] Swap vendor and product properties, allow i18n of description

Syntax Highlighting

Fix invalid itemData references of 57 highlighting files
Add support for custom search paths for application-specific syntax and theme definitions
AppArmor: fix DBus rules
Highlighting indexer: factor out checks for smaller while loop
ContextChecker: support '!' context switchting and fallthroughContext
Highlighting indexer: check existence of referenced context names
Relicense qmake highlighting to MIT license
Let qmake highlighting win over Prolog for .pro files (bug 383349)
Support clojure's "@" macro with brackets
Add syntax highlighting for AppArmor Profiles
Highlighting indexer: Catch invalid a-Z/A-z ranges in regexps
Fixing incorrectly capitalized ranges in regexps
add missing reference files for tests, looks ok, I think
Added Intel HEX file support for the Syntax highlighting database
Disable spell checking for strings in Sieve scripts


Fix memory leak

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