KDE Frameworks 5.34.0 released
Posted on: 05/14/2017 05:25 AM

KDE Frameworks 5.34.0 has been released

KDE Frameworks 5.34.0 released

KDE Frameworks are 70 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of·
commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested·
libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the·
Frameworks 5.0 release announcement.


balooctl, baloosearch, balooshow: Fix order of QCoreApplication object creation (bug 378539)

Breeze Icons

Add icons for hotspot (https://github.com/KDAB/hotspot)
Better version control system icons (bug 377380)
Add plasmate icon (bug 376780)
Update microphone-sensitivity icons (bug 377012)
Raise default for 'Panel' icons to 48

Extra CMake Modules

Sanitizers: Don't use GCC-like flags for e.g. MSVC
KDEPackageAppTemplates: documentation improvements
KDECompilerSettings: Pass -Wvla & -Wdate-time
Support older qmlplugindump versions
Introduce ecm_generate_qmltypes
Allow projects to include the file twice
Fix rx that matches project names out of the git uri
Introduce fetch-translations build command
Use -Wno-gnu-zero-variadic-macro-arguments more


We are using only Tier 1 frameworks, so move us to Tier 2
Removed KIO from the deps


Security fix: verify that whoever is calling us is actually who he says he is


Fix relativePath calculation in KDesktopFile::locateLocal() (bug 345100)


Set the icon for the Donate action
Relax constraints for processing QGroupBoxes


Don't set ItemHasContents in DropArea
Don't accept hover events in the DragArea


Workaround for MSVC and catalog loading
Solve a visibility conflict for meinproc5 (bug 379142)
Quote few other variables with path (avoid issues with spaces)
Quote few variables with path (avoid issues with spaces)
Temporarily disable the local doc on Windows
FindDocBookXML4.cmake, FindDocBookXSL.cmake - search in homebrew installations


makes KArchive be optional and do not build extractors needing it
fix duplicated symbols compilation error with mingw on Windows


build: Remove KService dependency


fix basename handling of po files (bug 379116)
Fix ki18n bootstrapping


Don't even try to create icons with empty sizes


KDirSortFilterProxyModel: bring back natural sorting (bug 343452)
Fill UDS_CREATION_TIME with the value of st_birthtime on FreeBSD
http slave: send error page after authorization failure (bug 373323)
kioexec: delegate upload to a kded module (bug 370532)
Fix KDirlister Gui Test setting URL scheme twice
Delete kiod modules on exit
Generate a moc_predefs.h file for KIOCore (bug 371721)
kioexec: fix support for --suggestedfilename


Allow multiple categories with the same name
KNewStuff: Show file's size information in grid delegate
If an entry's size is known, show it in the list view
Register and declare KNSCore::EntryInternal::List as a metatype
Don't fall through the switch. Double entries? No please
always close the downloaded file after downloading

KPackage Framework

Fix include path in KF5PackageMacros.cmake
Ignore warnings during appdata generation (bug 378529)


Template: Change toplevel template category to "Plasma"


KAuth integration in document saving - vol. 2
Fix assertion when applying code folding that changes cursor position
Use non-deprecated root element in ui.rc file
Add scroll-bar-marks also to the built-in search&replace
KAuth integration in document saving


Validate surface is valid when sending TextInput leave event


KNewPasswordWidget: don't hide visibility action in plaintext mode (bug 378276)
KPasswordDialog: don't hide visibility action in plaintext mode (bug 378276)
Fix KActionSelectorPrivate::insertionIndex()


kcm_useraccount is dead, long live user_manager
Reproducible builds: drop version from XMLGUI_COMPILING_OS
Fix: DOCTYPE name must match root element type
Fix wrong usage of ANY in kpartgui.dtd
Use non-deprecated root element
API dox fixes: replace 0 with nullptr or remove where not applied


Fix crash when retrieving active connection list (bug 373993)
Set default value for auto-negotiation based on running NM version

Oxygen Icons

Add icon for hotspot (https://github.com/KDAB/hotspot)
Raise default for 'Panel' icons to 48

Plasma Framework

reload icon when usesPlasmaTheme changes
Install Plasma Components 3 so they can be used
Introduce units.iconSizeHints.* to provide user-configurable icon size hints (bug 378443)
[TextFieldStyle] Fix textField is not defined error
Update the ungrabMouse hack for Qt 5.8
Guard against Applet not loading AppletInterface (bug 377050)
Calendar: Use correct language for month and day names
Generate plugins.qmltypes files for the plugins we install
if the user did set an implicit size, keep it


Add include that is needed in msys2

Syntax Highlighting

Add Arduino extension
LaTeX: Fix Incorrect termination of \iffalse comments (bug 378487)

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7 4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB

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