KDE Applications 16.12.0 released
Posted on: 12/16/2016 08:11 AM

KDE Applications 16.12.0 has been released

KDE Applications 16.12.0 released

Today, KDE introduces KDE Applications 16.12, with an impressive array of
upgrades when it comes to better ease of access, the introduction of highly
useful functionalities and getting rid of some minor issues, bringing KDE
Applications one step closer to offering you the perfect setup for your

Okular, Konqueror, KGpg, KTouch, Kalzium and more have now been ported to KDE
Frameworks 5. We look forward to your feedback and insight into the newest
features introduced with this release.

In the continued effort to make applications easier to build standalone, we
have split the kde-baseapps, kdepim and kdewebdev tarballs.

We have discontinued the following packages: kdgantt2, gpgmepp and kuser. This
will help us focus on the rest of the code.

== Kwave sound editor joins KDE Applications! ==

Kwave is a sound editor, it can record, play back, import and edit many sorts
of audio files including multi channel files. Kwave includes some plugins to
transform audio files in several ways and presents a graphical view with a
complete zoom and scroll capability.

== The World as your wallpaper ==

Marble now includes both a Wallpaper and a Widget for Plasma that show the
time on top of a satellite view of the earth, with real-time day/night
display. These used to be available for Plasma 4; they have now been updated
to work on Plasma 5.

== Emoticons galore! ==

KCharSelect has gained the ability to show the Unicode Emoticons block (and
other SMP symbol blocks).

It also gained a Bookmarks menu so you can favorite all your loved characters.

== Math is better with Julia ==

Cantor has a new backend for Julia, giving its users the ability to use the
latest progress in scientific computing.

== Advanced archiving ==

Ark has several new features:

Files and folders can now be renamed, copied or moved within the archive
It's now possible to select compression and encryption algorithms when
creating archives
Ark can now open AR files (e.g. Linux *.a static libraries)

== And more! ==

Kopete got support for X-OAUTH2 SASL authentication in jabber protocol and
fixed some problems with the OTR encryption plugin.

Kdenlive has a new Rotoscoping effect, support for downloadable content and an
updated Motion Tracker. It also provides Snap and AppImage files for easier

KMail and Akregator can use Google Safe Browsing to check if a link being
clicked is malicious. Both have also added back printing support (needs Qt

== Aggressive Pest Control ==

More than 130 bugs have been resolved in applications including Dolphin,
Akonadi, KAddressBook, KNotes, Akregator, Cantor, Ark, Kdenlive and more!


Full list of changes:

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