KDE 3.2 Beta 1 for Fedora Core 1
Posted on: 11/18/2003 06:19 PM

KDE 3.2 Beta 1 (Rudi) incl. KOffice 1.3 RC1 is now available for Fedora Core 1

Being the third major release in the KDE3 series, version 3.2 delivers a more polished experience. Functionality that debuted in previous versions of KDE has been the focus of nearly 9 months of intense efforts by the KDE team of programmers, artists, writers and translators. This has led to a great number of improvements across the desktop.

For instance, Konqueror's ability to handle real world web pages has seen terrific improvement, and a powerful tabbed interface streamlines browsing tasks. While everyone can appreciate the impressive rendering speed and accuracy enhancements, advanced users will especially appreciate additions such as enhanced bookmarks and a Mozilla-compatible web sidebar. Browsing the web with Konqueror has never looked so good nor been so fast.

Another exciting web-related improvement in KDE 3.2 is the inclusion of an advanced SVG viewer/player which allows rich, interactive interfaces built using the open SVG standard to be used in Konqueror and other KDE applications. This emerging XML-based technology has wide industry support (e.g. Adobe, Mozilla) and is a World Wide Web Consortium standard. KDE is the first desktop to provide such a complete and integrated implementation of this emerging technology.


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