KDbg 2.0.0 - new stable release series
Posted on: 07/17/2005 04:32 AM

KDbg is a C/C++ debugger, a front-end to gdb. The homepage is at http://members.nextra.at/johsixt/kdbg.html. Download it from http://members.nextra.at/johsixt/kdbgdownload.html.

The translations are mostly incomplete. Any contributions are very welcome
(if you send a translation, please look also into the kdbg.desktop file!).

The manual is only available in English.

Major features introduced since the 1.2.x release:
- Editable variable values.
- The current line of execution can be changed easily.
- "Orphaned breakpoints", ie. breakpoints that cannot be set immediately. T
his eases debugging shared libraries and dynamically loaded modules.
- XSLT debugging thanks to Keith Isdale (experimental).
- Debugging of Qt4 QStrings.

Changes since 1.9.7:
- References and const types are treated like the base type (thanks to Shaheed).
- Fixed parsing of large arrays with many different values, which
were terminated by "...".
- Fixed the kdbg.desktop file: Encoding is UTF-8, install in XDG
menu location.
- Fixed PS_COMMAND detection for Solaris' /bin/sh.

-- Hannes

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