kdar 2.0.6
Posted on: 08/20/2005 08:30 AM

The "KDE Disk archiver" (KDar) is a disk-based archiving and backup utility. It is built around the "disk archive library" by Denis Corbin, and is analogous to the tape archiver shell command "tar", but is more suited for backups onto disk-based media, such as CD-R, DVD, Jazz, Zip, other hard-drives, etc.

KDar can perform full and differential backups with or without compression. Archives can be split to fit various media types.

A filtering mechanism allows you to select which files and directories to backup or restore, and which files to compress.


KDar-2.0.6 requires dar-2.2.1 or greater (libdar 3.0.x) and at least kde-3.
4.x (kde-3.3.x might work).


- Fixed export command bug#1235759 (missing quotes on -c and -R switches)



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