K3b 0.12beta2 released
Posted on: 05/28/2005 05:43 PM

K3b 0.12beta2 has been released

Second beta release before the final 0.12 release. I fixed some minor issues and improved on stuff here and there. I did not keep a diary so I have to skip on the details as I do so often  ;)

Along with this release I also start a *message freeze for K3b 0.12 until Sunday, 12.06.2005*. If you think this is not enough time keep in mind that I will branch the translations for K3b 0.12 and create updated i18n packages if you want me to. Again please be aware that this is an unstable release and is intended to help me in finding bugs. So if you want to help please compile the thing with --enable-debug=full.

As for beta1 I will not put binary packages online.

Have fun finding those bugs.  ;)

K3b 0.12beta2 released

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