K3b 0.12.4a released
Posted on: 09/10/2005 03:42 PM

K3b 0.12.4a has been released

It took me some time but here it is. Have fun.

* Fixed --cdimage and --dvdimage parameters.
* Fixed the file browser menu. Now it contains the bookmarks and "add to project" actions again.
* Fixed Index 0 (Pregap) handling in audio cue files.
* Improved handling of broken cue files: K3b now searches the directory for image files that could fit the cue file in case the FILE entry is bogus.
* Always try to create a new session in case the old one has been imported regardless of the inserted medium's free space.
* Fixed DVD-RW Restricted Overwrite media handling
* Use RAW writing mode for audio CDs in case the writer does not support DAO but RAW.
* Fixed compile problems with latest ffmpeg builds.

K3b 0.12.4a released

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